Artist Statement

Over the past two years within my work I have been exploring the role of the photographic image in context to contemporary British culture and the ‘everyday’. I based the beginning of the work in and around my own home town, being able to follow and witness the changes of our current society on a personal level.

I have been largely interested in the decline of ‘traditional’ British culture and the changing ideas around community. The collection of works has been based around several journeys I have undertaken, trying to capture the identity of an area by photographing the people and places that make it meaningful. The images vary from open shot landscapes and snapshot scenes to more formal portraiture and images of everyday life within society.

The essence of the images is the portrayal of a deep rooted sense of British identity and society and the way this varies through the places I have visited. Many of the images I have taken have been as varied and unpredictable as the places and people I have experienced and interacted with.

The majority of these photographs have been taken using medium and large format cameras. I feel the use of the black and white film gives the images a somewhat timeless quality. On a higher level this photographic series acts as a reflection of the current global recession, effectually mirroring the photographic works that documented the economic downturn of 1980s Britain; the more things change, the more they are the same.

- Chris Hill, 2009


All images are Copyright Chris Hill Photogaphy ©2009